British Canoeing Awards

British Canoeing (BC), as the national governing body for paddlesport in the UK, offer a diverse suite of awards for the aspiring canoeist or kayaker.

Star Awards – these are your basic measurements for performance; 1 star for the beginner, 2 star focussed on generic skills and movements for all paddlesports craft and an array of 3 star awards for the intermediate paddler in any discipline specific craft.

Leadership Awards – these are for advancing your personal paddling skills and gaining a knowledge on how to guide other paddlers in both the Moderate and Advanced water environments. Formerly the 4 and 5 star awards, now sensibly rebranded as the Moderate or Advanced Leader in whichever discipline you choose.

Safety Courses – the BC endorsed safety courses serve a double purpose, essential pre-requisites for the aspiring coach and/or leader in their respective disciplines but also, and more importantly, accessible for all paddlers wishing to learn how to minimise the risks to which you are exposed while enjoying the sport that you love. 

Coach Education – there are 4 different levels to (BC-UKCC endorsed) coach education focussing on basic through to long-term professional coaching. Within all of this there are also many modules and endorsements for coaches that reflect the sheer variety of craft and challenging environments that exist within paddlesports coaching.

I can make the following courses happen for you:

1 Star
2 Star

3 Star White Water Kayak
3 Star Sea Kayak
3 Star Freestyle

White Water Kayak Leader (formerly 4* White Water Kayak Leader) 
Sea Kayak Leader (formerly 4* Sea Kayak Leader)
4* Freestyle Leader

Advanced White Water Kayak Leader (formerly 5* White Water Kayak Leader)

Foundation Safety and Rescue (FSRT)
White Water Safety and Rescue (WWSR)
Advanced White Water Safety and Rescue (AdvWWSR)
Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning

Freestyle Discipline Support Module


Click on any of the above links for more information on each of the courses and further links to the content for training and assessments of each course.