Advanced White Water Safety & Rescue

Eas a ChataidhAdvanced White Water Safety and Rescue (AWWSR for short) is the next stage for White Water Paddlers who want to step it up in terms of environment. When you progress into paddling grade 3 rapids and beyond you’ll want to know your safety skills are sound.

The AWWSR course will give you the tools for the job. And its all about tools, not rules. Inevitably higher grades of white water are accompanied by unforgiving terrain which can make scouting, protecting or even portaging rapids a thoroughly daunting task. The tools that we’ll share for this step up in environment will take the sting right out of it.

You’ll learn more about safe river running strategies for a very dynamic environment and how to move around safely on the terrain associated with harder white water, as well as how to build systems that put the emphasis on avoiding problems before they occur.

However we need to be prepared for when it does. The tools we learn on the AWWSR course are backed up by realistic practise that allows you to build your new found skills, layering them into complex protection and rescue strategies suitable for a variety of different situations.

It’s the application of advanced techniques in an advanced environment. Made stupidly simple.

This is a BC endorsed course. If you would like a more ‘in-depth’ look at what’s covered click here. (Link may work as a download in some browsers).

Next open course dates: TBC.

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Alternatively you can also buy the White Water Safety DVD to have some of this information at your disposal forever.